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Filipino Martial Arts Classes
Filipino Martial Arts Classes

Filipino Martial Arts Classes

Master the ancient battle skills of FMA Sticks at Newport City Martial Arts

If you’re serious about martial arts combat you should consider our FMA classes. Our Filipino Martial Arts classes (FMA Stix) primarily focus on close-quarter combat with rattan sticks. This is a full contact martial arts class and the sticks are treated as extensions to the hands.

As a result we only offer this class to adults aged 18+. Along with FMA Sticks, our training will also teach you ’empty hands combat’ and how to turn everyday objects into lethal weapons. This class is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Details about this martial arts class

Chris Williams


  • Class: FMA Stix (Sticks)
  • Age group: Adults 18+
  • Instructor: Mr. Chris Williams
  • Skill Level: All

Key points:

  • Ancient weapons skills
  • Close combat weapons use
  • Arnis, Kali, Esckrima styles
  • Empty hands training
  • Learn to win any situation
  • Full contact martial art

Notes: This class is only suitable for adults aged 18+. You will be using metal training knives and rattan sticks which are provided in class.

FMA Stix class times(2)

  • Monday

    19.30 – 20.30

    Age group: Adults 18+
    Instructor: Mr. Chris Williams
    Skill level: All

  • Wednesday

    19.30 – 20.15

    Age group: Adults 18+
    Instructor: Mr. Chris Williams
    Skill level: All

What is Filipino Martial Arts?

Designed for close-quarter fighting, Filipino Martial Arts is an unrelenting set of combat skills that incorporates both Western and Eastern fighting forms. Popular FMA styles include Arnis, Kali and Esckrima. FMA was developed purely as a need for self-preservation.

The practical combat skills are designed to win at all costs against any type of assailant. Consequently Filipino Martial Arts can be seen as brutal and wholly unforgiving in nature. Join our Filipino Martial Arts classes at Newport City Martial Arts today!

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We’ve been featured in all the local newspapers for martial arts, community contributions and anti-bullying initiatives.

Government Disclosure and Barring Service

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Our kids instructors have been checked by the Government Disclosure and Barring Service. This was formerly known as a CRB check.

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You can also hire out our dojo for fun and exciting martial arts themed birthday parties.

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