Anti-bullying classes in Newport.

Were YOU bullied as a child?

(every 7 minutes a child is bullied)

What a simple but powerful question. As soon as you read the question many of you were immediately transported back to some point in your childhood.

For many of you, you probably went back to a very specific time or age and place. You can probably describe the exact person, their name, their friends and exactly what they said and did. You are probably even experiencing some VERY OLD emotions right now.

What names were you called? What did other kids do to you that you still remember today? Do you still feel the effects today? Does some of the past bullying affect your choices, decisions of feelings today?

For many of us, these emotional scars run very deep and powerful and we may never truly be able to forget those times of torment and anguish.

If you WERE bullied as a child, you KNOW the scars can take a lifetime to heal.

We all know bullying can have a devastating affect on a child’s life. Confidence and self-esteem is the core of a child’s success and motivation in school, sports, and everything they do in life. Many times, Bullies rob children of their confidence and self-esteem which will have a negative effect on the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, most parents never witness their child being bullied. They hope or believe their child is safe. Teachers do a great job at school, but identifying someone that is bullied can be hard and of course most bullying is not physical, it is emotional.

How can parents know when their child is being bullied?

Children that are bullied are often embarrassed, threatened or may simply believe their problems will fall on deaf ears. Parents need to watch their children very closely for signs of bullying before it damages or injures their children.

To be aware, listen, and investigate any signs of bullying they may see or hear. We all know kids will tease, play and banter, but often this behaviour can go too far. Then it is no longer just play, it is bullying and it can cause lifelong problems.

Confidence building example phrases:

“Stand straight and tall with strength and confidence, well done!”

“See, believe and achieve!”

“Move, strike, hit, block with confidence, excellent!”

“Can you do it? Yes I Can, Sir!”

What can you do to help “Bully Proof” your child.

The Art of Winning Without Fighting, is designed to build children’s confidence and self-esteem and provide them with the knowledge and skills to defend themselves against bullies.  We teach techniques and skills in class that will improve body language, and communication skills to stop your child from being bullied.

We teach courtesy and respect for all people and help instil the belief system that “each child or person is valuable and worth protecting.”

  • They will have the confidence to stand up for themselves when they are bullied or attacked in any way.
  • They will realise the value and importance of being courteous and respectful to all people and will be less likely to bully others.

It is unfortunate but true that bullies will pick on children they see as weaker, different, or less confident. It is our goal to build each childs confidence and self-esteem to the highest level possible.  As they learn and understand the power of the “stop the bully” skills and self-defence techniques, you will see their confidence and self-esteem soar.
Six Essential “Stop the Bully Skills:”

  • Trusting your intuition and listening to your inner voice.
  • Using a strong loud voice and the power of verbalisation skills; plus learning how to talk to adults with confidence and respect.
  • Proper body alignment and positioning, including assertive versus aggressive stance.
  • Understanding distance and time for safety.
  • Defending without striking; plus covering and blocking skills and using your environment.
  • When and how to strike if necessary.

Empowering Questions for Parents:

  • Do you think it is important for ALL kids to learn to be safe and protect themselves from bullies of all ages?
  • Do you believe your child would benefit from learning effective and practical “Stop the Bully” skills?

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