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We Will Make Massive Changes In You Almost Overnight!

We”ll turn you from ”Couch Potato” to ”Hot Potato” from ”Fearful” to ”Fearless” from ”Fat” to ”Super Fit”. You”ll lose pounds of unwanted, unsightly fat and build solid sleek firm, lean muscle. Your Confidence will soar; as will your Fitness.

You”ll be Stronger and Safer almost overnight. You”ll see an amazing difference in just a few short weeks as those unwanted pounds are replaced with a New Super Slim, Power Packed YOU!

A Personal Welcome From Chief Instructor Everton Smith.

Welcome to our site devoted to Kickboxing training and life excellence in Newport, Cwmbran, Cardiff and the surrounding areas – combat training at its best. With Kickboxing training in our schools I know that you”ll never feel safer and you”ll never be fitter.

As you navigate around the site you”ll see why our schools are the best in the world for helping you get fit and fearless fast! Now it”s your chance to get into the best shape of your life and feel unstoppable with our Kickboxing training. You”ll be filled with a whole new energy and motivation to achieve your goals; a whole new level of strength, health and confidence.

You”ll lose excess weight and build solid lean muscle when you join. You”re going to have New Fitness, New Strength, New Look, and a whole load of New Friends when you join us! You”ll see why the “average” man or woman can benefit so much from our programmes.

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