Master Everton Smith founder of Newport City Martial Arts.

Master Everton Smith has been studying martial arts for over 30 years, and initially got involved to help him overcome anger problems, which were affecting his school and personal life.

Master Everton SmithHe has travelled the world participating in European and World Championships as an individual and a team member, and has achieved European and World Individual and Team Champion status. Master Smith has also coached students to world and European level in kumite and kata.

Master Smith is also the Dillman Karate Institute representative for Wales and a qualified anti bullying co-ordinator. Master Smith works with primary schools in Newport and surrounding areas delivering self esteem building and character developing lessons helping students make better decisions for their futures.

He has also appeared on BBC radio and Granada TV in a documentary “Too Scared for School” helping children overcome bullying and intimidation.  At present Master Smith is an active member of the 5 for life initiative, run by Newport City Council and the Newport Health Board.

It is important to Master Smith that students develop the skills to be productive successful individuals, become more confident and say no to unhealthy peer pressure, giving parents’ peace of mind.

Master Smith knows how it feels to be a champion on the mat but now wants to be a champion life coach, impacting and empowering peoples’ lives on a daily basis, making the community a better place, one black belt at a time.