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Women's Personal Training

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JZ Fitness Personal Training Classes (Women)

JZ Fitness Personal Training Classes (Women)

Martial arts orientated personal training & fitness for women in Newport Gwent

—In collaboration with Newport City Martial Arts

JZ Fitness brings you high octane mixed martial-arts, personal training classes for women that are fun, challenging and suitable for all fitness levels. We combine a unique range of martial arts moves with high intensity cardio into a complete fitness program.

Uniquely tailored for each individual, our women’s personal training classes will help you get fighting fit in no time. Our expert instructors will provide 1-to-1 training, expert nutritional advice, help with weight loss, muscle toning, endurance, coordination and more.

Details for our womens personal training in Newport

Jay Robinson / Zaine Smith


  • Class: JZ Personal Training (Women)
  • Age group: Adult
  • Trainers: Jay Robinson / Zaine Smith
  • Fitness Level: All

Key points:

  • Small to medium class sizes
  • Unique martial arts fitness
  • Female orientated exercises
  • Spacious training facility
  • 1-to-1 personal training
  • Expert nutritional advice

Notes: This is a dedicated womens personal training class that is additionally tailored for each unique individual.

JZ Fitness womens personal training class times(1)

  • Tuesday

    11.00 – 12.00

    Age group: Adults
    Instructors: Jay Robinson / Zaine Smith
    Location: Newport
    Fitness level: All

What is personal training (PT)?

Personal training is a unique approach to fitness that focuses on the needs of the individual. Each person is uniquely assessed and a tailored program of exercises and nutritional advice is then created solely for that individual.

JZ Fitness offers personal training for both men and women in Newport, Gwent. We have qualified instructors with decades of knowledge in fitness, mixed martial arts and nutrition with an additional speciality in bodyweight training.