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KAPAP Krav Maga Classes

KAPAP Krav Maga Classes

Master the unconvential Israeli KAPAP combat style at Newport City Martial Arts

Along with our FMA Sticks classes, our KAPAP Krav Maga classes in Newport are for people a little more serious about martial arts. This Kapap training course will teach you how to enhance your natural defensive reflexes to help protect you against any type of assault no matter your size, age or gender.

The end result will be a ‘self-defence mindset’ where you will be continually prepared for any aggressor or situation. We will also teach you self-confidence, help increase your fitness levels and how to defend against common weapons. Classes are held by 4th Dan—Andy Robinson.

Details for our Krav Maga classes in Newport

Sensei Andrew Robinson


  • Class: KAPAP Krav Maga
  • Age group: Adults 18+
  • Instructor: Sensei Andy Robinson
  • Skill Level: All

Key points:

  • Enhance defence reflexes
  • Close combat weapons use
  • Deal with any size assailant
  • Defend against weapons
  • Learn to win any situation
  • Full contact martial art

Notes: Due to the full contact combative nature of Krav Maga this class is generally only suitable for adults aged 18+.

KAPAP Krav Maga class times(2)

  • Tuesday

    19.45 – 20.45

    Age group: Adults
    Instructor: Sensei Andrew Robinson
    Location: Newport
    Skill level: All

  • Thursday

    19.30 – 20.30

    Age group: Adults
    Instructor: Sensei Andrew Robinson
    Location: Newport
    Skill level: All

What is KAPAP Krav Maga training?

Developed in Israel the 1930’s, KAPAP is a close-quarter battle style that consists of hand-to-hand combat techniques and self-defence tactics. The word KAPAP is an ancronym of the Herbrew words ‘Krav Panim el Panim‘. It is a practical martial art that places emphasis on increasing physical endurance, elevating and strengthen the spirit.

Classes also consist of practical weapons training and fighting with common weapons such as knives and sticks. Newport City Martial Arts we will teach you the KAPAP variant of Krav Maga. Join our classes today and master the art of close-quarter fighting.