Learn Kickboxing, Wado-ryu, Krav Maga, Filipino Martial Arts and much more at Newport City Martial Arts

We offer a range of professional Karate classes for all ages. Learn Karate from the best. There’s boxing & there’s kickboxing. Our kickboxing classes are suitable for all ages. Taekwondo is a special discipline and our weekly classes are for the truly dedicated.

A popular martial art, our Krav Maga classes will teach you all the latest moves. Learn inner calm with our professional Tai Chi classes for all ages and abilities. An offshoot of karate, Wado Ryu classes are increasingly popular with people of all ages.


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We provide a range of martial arts lessons in Newport, Gwent for all age groups, fitness levels and abilities. Check out our weekly timetable for information on disciplines, class times, instructors, age groups and more.

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