Taekwondo Classes

Learn the Korean way of the foot and the fist at Newport City Martial Arts

If you’re interested in learning a fighting style nothing beats the combative martial art of Korean Taekwondo. Developed specifically as a full contact sport, Taekwondo classes at Newport City Martial Arts are suitable for adults, teens, men, women and kids.

You will learn aspects of traditional martial arts such as discipline, fitness, agility and katas. This will be combined with foundational Taekwondo attacking moves, self-defence, pad work and controlled sparring sessions.

Our Newport Taekwondo classes are run by 7th Dan Kyoshi Everton Smith who has over 30 years experience elite martial arts.

What is Taekwondo [태권도/跆拳道]?

As a contact sport Tae Kwon Do has many forms and schools around the globe. Translated literally, this Korean martial art style means the way of the foot and the fist. Although the modern form was not agreed until 1955, the sport has roots stretching back 2000 years. In our classes at Newport City Martial Arts we practice elite Taekwondo from beginner right up to black belt level.