Tai Chi Classes

Improve your state of mind learning Tai Chi [太極拳] at Newport City Martial Arts

Most martial arts classes combine some element of philosophy with combat skills and fitness. None however do it with such grace as the art of Tai Chi. Practising this ancient Chinese martial art reaps both spiritual and physical health benefits. Many practitioners of Tai chi (taiji) do so for very personal and spiritual reasons.

Newport City Martial Arts offers a constructive Tai Chi training syllabus within each class. This culminates into a greater understanding of each discipline. The underlying concepts and principles are the same but the focus of each discipline differs.

Our Tai Chi classes offer the dedicated martial artist a comprehensive, dynamic, holistic, practical and effective means to self development. You will learn how to strengthen your connection of mind and body and develop a healthier and fitter body.

In our Newport Tai Chi classes you will become more flexible, coordinated and skilful in techniques of striking, kicking, wrestling and throwing.

What is Tai Chi [T’ai chi ch’üan]?

Developed in the Chen village of in 13th century China, Tai Chi combines slow flowing movements with wrestling techniques and some combat skills. The practical philosophy is one of disarming brute force with its polar opposite as opposed to meeting force with force. As a result it is widely known as the Ying Yang martial art.

There are at least 5 major styles in practice today all over the world. Many older people practise the style of Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi which is a form of everyday Tai Chi. This can improve your joints, overall health, mood and reduce stress.