Learn discipline, focus and elite fighting techniques such as Kickboxing, Wado-ryu & Krav Maga at Newport City Martial Arts

Are you interested in learning a martial arts technique? Perhaps you’re a parent who thinks their child could benefit from the discipline and focus of Kickboxing, Karate or Taekwondo. Whether you’re an already skilled adult practitioner or total beginner looking for direction, Newport City Martial Arts will have a class for you to join.

Join our wide range of martial arts classes in Newport Gwent that cover many disciplines and all age groups. We run age specific classes that start from Pandas age 3-4 right up to adults aged 15+. Disciplines we currently offer are Kickboxing, FMA Stix, KAPAP Krav Maga and Wado-Ryu. Join by choosing your age group below.

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Kids Martial Arts Class Ages 3-14 [Children]

Ages 3-14 [Children]

Adults Martial Arts Class Ages 15+ [Adults]

Ages 15+ [Adults]

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We provide a range of martial arts lessons in Newport, Gwent for all age groups, fitness levels and abilities. Check out our weekly timetable for information on disciplines, class times, instructors, age groups and more.

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