Adult martial arts classes

Get fit, focussed and disciplined in our adult martial arts classes at Newport City Martial Arts

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Are you looking to improve yourself by taking an adult martial arts class? Here at Newport City Martial Arts our classes cover a range of fighting skills and practical self defence styles.

Many classes are suitable for beginners but we also provide black belt classes suitable for more seasoned martial arts practitioners.

Key points include:

  • Central Newport location
  • Primary rules of fitness
  • Focus, discipline, coordination
  • Controlled sparring sessions
  • Critical self defence moves
  • Graded every 2 months
  • Blocking, kicking and katas
  • Joint and lock manipulation
  • Beating brute strength
  • Annual master seminars

If you’re looking to get fighting fit and a whole lot more disciplined just use the contact form and get in touch. 7th Dan Kyoshi—Everton Smith will be in touch to ask a few more questions and to provide more information.

More information about our adult martial arts training

Here at Newport City Martial Arts we hold daily classes in a wide range of disciplines. You can get fit, focussed, coordinated and disciplined in our adults kickboxing classes. Alternatively, if you’re already a Black Belt or more experienced try your hand at elite Wado-ryu karate or Filipino martial arts.

Looking for some more combative? Then you might find our Kapap Krav Maga classes more suitable. Whatever martial art you’re interested in whether it’s karate, kickboxing or FMA Sticks just get in touch as we’re sure to have an adult class that’s perfect for you.