Hi Everton,

Paul Miley here (now in Bournemouth but we once lived in Yeovil – where our daughter Rachel was your first Wado Ryu pupil there along little brother Brett). Well Brett has not done any martial arts for a long time, but Rachel has never stopped. She used to get bullied at school before signing up to martial arts but I’d like to see anyone try that on with her today!

When we moved away from Somerset they joined another Wado Ryu class (oh, she got to brown belt), but the class here closed and I took her along to Wing Chun instead. She got to black sash 3 (which if I remember correctly was the equivalent of a 4th Dan?). Anyway although she still pops in to Wing Chun once in a while she eventually switched to MKG. She has gone from strength to strength.

Rachel Miley - Wado Ryu Karate

Rachel Miley – Wado Ryu Karate

Her teacher sadly died not so long ago, and it was his express wish that she and her colleague/friend Ollie should take over the school. Well they have found new premises, sorted out teething problems and the web site is getting a revamp shortly – but here’s a link to her page: https://mkgbournemouth.co.uk/about-us/the-team/

Anyway, my point is that my wife and I appreciated so much the fact that you travelled all the way to Bournemouth from Wales to teach.  You also brought an amazing amount of passion and patience along to your classes and Rach has never forgotten you – and still talks about you from time to time.

Anyway, I was just searching for something in our loft and I came across a couple of snaps that I thought I should send to you. She has inherited your passion, energy, enthusiasm and dedication – and a serious eye for detail.

I hope that you continue to inspire your students for a very long time Everton!